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 Spring 2021 

Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) is a community of American and International graduate students that seek to believe, embody,  and share generously the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord. We come together to learn about the Jesus we serve and to learn together what it means to serve Him while we are in graduate school.

How we gather may be different this year but we would still love for you to join our community! GCF will be mostly online this semester, while that brings us sadness at not being able to hang out together in person, we can look forward to new opportunities for ministry and community building.

If you are a graduate student seeking your Masters or Ph.D. we would love for you to join us! Typically we have met regularly throughout the school year to study the Bible in small groups, worship and eat together during Dinner Discussions and Large Group Meetings, as well as attend retreats and conferences.

To learn more about us, please fill out our Contact Form.
You can choose to join our emailing list where you will hear about all our upcoming events and activities. You can also check out our Facebook group, or Slack channel!

We are affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA and in particular part of InterVarsity’s ministry to graduate students and faculty members. Looking for InterVarsity for U of I undergraduate students? Then go Here.