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Christian Spiritual Formation in GCF

From our GCF Vision page:

We all arrive to graduate school spiritually formed from the many cultures that have made us who we are.  Our graduate education and academic disciplines continue to shape us.  Christian spiritual formation includes learning how we have been spiritually formed in ways that shape our loves and desires both toward and away from the kingdom of God and the love of God and our neighbors.  But it also includes intentionality in “putting on Christ” or the “new self” which is being re-created in Christ.  Christian formation thus has a telos or end goal, and that is Christlikeness in all we are and do.

We’ve begun some pages that we think best informs us today, and not least at the University, about what spiritual formation is or should be

lSpiritual Formation 1 – Dr. James K.A. Smith unpacks a fresh but also an ancient understanding of spiritual formation.

Spiritual Formation 2 — Dr. N.T. Wright gives three lectures that explains how we can and must live our lives in the Jesus story.

The Challenge of Easter — Dr. N.T. Wright explains what the early Church meant by resurrection and defends the actual bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead.