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Monday Small Group

2023-2024 School Year

What – the books of Amos, Micah, & Malachi (Fall: Amos. Spring: Micah and Malachi)

What is God’s heart-desire for worship? How does worship connect to justice and righteousness? Join us to explore what three Old Testament prophets have to say on these and other questions. We also hope to better understand God’s faithfulness and how it shapes our own.

We will use the InterVarsity “manuscript study” format. Manuscript study contains the three aspects of inductive Bible study: observation, interpretation, and application. In manuscript Bible study, leaders act as facilitators and members engage in communal discovery—generating questions together and sharing what they see (observation). By following the direction these observations point out, they discover Scripture’s meaning for themselves (interpretation). They finish by responding in specific and practical ways to live out the passage’s call (application).

Spring semester, we will ask each regularly-attending member of the small group to help us plan one of the studies, for two reasons. First, we want both to give you this experience if you haven’t done it before, and to learn from you about ways in which we can improve our leadership. Second, it will give us the opportunity to spend some quality time getting to know each of you better.

More information about Amos, Micah, & Malachi can be found at The Bible Project.

When – Mondays, 7 pm typically, but 6:30pm on January 22 (the second week of classes and our first mtg time, where we will have dinner for everyone who comes). Due to weather, will update by 4pm whether small group is cancelled or not.

Where – Caleb and Lydia’s apartment (exact location to be provided via email)

Leaders – Caleb and Lydia Bruhn are coleading this group. Caleb is a 3rd year Agricultural Engineering PhD student and Lydia is a 2nd year Art Therapy Masters student. They both attend Berean Covenant church. Caleb is from Michigan (MSU alum) and Lydia is from Indiana (IWU alum).

Please use the form below to let Caleb and Lydia know if you’re thinking of coming. 

    I'm interested in being in the Monday small group

    I would prefer if people wore masks indoors (note: answer is confidential and group size is expected to be less than 15)

    I need a ride to the Monday small group

    I can provide a ride for someone who needs a ride

    Any comments?