Small Groups

Spring 2018 – Small Groups have ended for the spring semester

Last fall 2017 our GCF small groups focused on key themes in following Jesus at the University. We began by looking at the biblical view of Jesus and the Gospel (we aim always to challenge popular Christian misconceptions) and then moved on to important implications of following this Jesus at the University, in our various academic disciplines and into all of life.  

Whether you’ve been a follower of Jesus for a long time or are still exploring, you are welcome to attend any our small groups if you are a graduate or professional student, whether an International or American student.  All of our small groups will study the same curriculum.   

Small group Bible Studies are key to delving into the Scriptures together to wrestle with what it means to follow the Lord Jesus, not just in graduate school, but also in the next phase our Christian lives.  Please also invite your friends to come with you to small group at any time!   

In GCF we continue to seek to understand Jesus in the context of God’s faithfulness first to his people Israel and then (and therefore!) for all the peoples of the world.  This is crucial today because there are so many portrayals of Jesus that fail to do justice to the Jesus rooted in the biblical story.  Biblical scholar, Christopher J. H. Wright wrote in Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament (2nd ed, IVPress, 2014) this:

“[S]o many Christians these days love Jesus but know so little about who he thought he was and what he had come to do.  Jesus becomes a kind of photo montage composed of a random mixture of Gospel stories, topped up with whatever fashionable image of him is current…He is cut off from the historical Jewish context of his own day, and from his deep roots in the Hebrew Scriptures.” (11-12)

As graduate students, we need a much more robust picture of Jesus if we seriously want to be his followers today, not just in graduate school but as we leave and go wherever the Lord Jesus sends us.  The question we face always as graduate students is which Jesus are we following?