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Tuesday small group

Fall 2022

What – The book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms, a collection of 150 poems in the Old Testament, captures the entire range of the human experience, from sorrow, fear, and anxiety to joy, love, and hope. When we meditate on the psalms, we expose the deepest parts of our soul, learn about God’s character, and receive a Biblical model for prayer and worship. Over the course of this semester, we will use a manuscript Bible study format to study different psalms that belong to various genres: hymns, laments, psalms of thanksgiving, psalms of confidence, prophetic psalms, wisdom psalms, psalms of remembrance, and royal psalms. Although we will barely scratch the surface of what this book has to offer, my hope is that this study will provide us with a richer understanding of the text, ourselves, and our relationship with God.

When – Tuesday nights, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Where – Stone Creek Church (2502 S Race St, Urbana, IL)

Leader – Amos Jeng is a 3rd year educational psychology PhD student and attends Stone Creek Church. Amos grew up in New York and went to Johns Hopkins University in Maryland for undergrad.

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