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INTERNATIONAL Graduate Students!

We love the involvement of International graduate students in GCF as a regular part of our graduate fellowship!  If you are an International graduate student who is at the U of Illinois for your graduate degree and especially if you want to be with American Christian graduate students, please contact us and let us get to know each other and learn how you can contribute to our graduate student fellowship.  Use this contact form to tell us about yourself.

We realize that many International students are at the U of Illinois for a very short period of time and are not pursuing their graduate degrees at the U of I.  If this is your situation, there are a number of other Christian ministries where you can connect.  But if you are here to earn your PhD or masters degree, then please become a part of GCF! We American Christians especially need the influence of Christian International students to help us gain a more rich vision and understanding of what it means to follow Christ as one worldwide multi-ethnic Christian family. And if you are an International student who is not yet a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and you want to learn more, then definitely please become part of GCF.  You will learn about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him, and see what following him means in the lives of Christian graduate students.